Hybrid Interactive Terrain Simulation

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Hybrid Interactive Terrain Simulation (HITS) is a research project funded by Generalitat Valenciana. The main goal of the project is the research of hybrid models for the simulation of soil deformation in interactive applications.

Problem statement

In real-time interactive applications, soil is tipically represented by means of a height field, as this is a computationally cheap approach. However, complex interactions involving soil cut and large deformations cannot be represented using this methodology. We seek for a solution that adds more flexibility and functionality to the height field representation.


Our approach is based on the use of several methodologies that represent different types of deformations and interactions. A combination of elasto-plastic object models, visco-elastic flow and height field approach will be used to improve current results.



This project is funded by Generalitat Valenciana as project GV/2012/007 with an Emerging Research Groups grant.

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